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Entrapment at Hog Heaven

Around 1030 this morning, Midway Fire Rescue was dispatched to the area of Hog Heaven for an accident with entrapment. Battalion 82 responded immediately with an update of a vehicle rolled over verses a semi-truck in the north bound lane with three people entrapped. Medic 825 requested an auto-launch of an air medical asset to the extent of the update of entrapment.

Engine 841 arrived with Battalion 82 confirming the report and started scene assessment and stabilization of the turned over vehicle. All patients were extracted in ten minutes of arrival with various injuries. Engine 821, Medic 825 arrived just after Engine 841 and assisted with patient care. Engine 811 arrived and started to set up a landing zone on Ocean Highway Rt. 17 for the incoming medical helicopter. Once all the patients were packaged, all patients were transported to Grand Strand Trauma Center, with two patients transported by helicopter (On Scene & Waccamaw Hospital)

Command: Battalion 82 & Chief 1

Operations: 841 Officer

Safety: Chief 3


Chief 1

Engine 811 (LZ)

Engine 821

Engine 841

Medic 815

Medic 825

Medic 9 (GCFE)

Georgetown County Sherriff’s Office

South Carolina Highway Patrol

South Carolina DOT Police

Photos Courtesy of South Strand News, Division Chief Payne, Firefighter Mowris

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