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Overland Brush Fire

Approximately 1600 hours on Wednesday, February 22nd Engine 821 (Hulit) was dispatched to a reported brush fire in the area of Overland Road and Ocean Highway. Engine 821 arrived on location confirming a working fire with a couple acres involved. Engine 821 officer requested the tanker to the scene bringing in Engine 841 (McGuire). Engine 841 arrived on location and started a progressive hose lay to the fire and started scratching lines (fire breaks). As the fire intensified, Engine 811 (Copeland) was dispatched also bringing in Battalion 85 (Carney). Once all units were on scene it was deemed that SC Forestry would need contacted to assist with a plow and they arrived within 45 minutes of dispatch with a crew and dozer. The Midway Fire Rescue crews made great progress with the fire but with heavy equipment and a back burn it got the job done quicker. After about two hours of being on scene, SC Forestry took over the incident and all units cleared the scene.

Command: Battalion 85

Operations: Engine 811 Officer

Engine 811

Engine 821

Engine 841

Battalion Chief

South Carolina Forestry

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