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3rd Alarm on Myrtle Avenue

Approximately 0330 in the morning on Wednesday, February 22nd Midway Fire Rescue was dispatched to a reported structure fire in the area of 398 Myrtle Avenue on Pawleys Island. Battalion 85 (Liberatore) responded with Midway Fire Rescue’s 1st alarm assignment and quickly determined a working fire in the area of the address as he came across the South Causeway seeing a large glow in the sky. Battalion 85 struck a 2nd alarm assignment bringing in mutual aid units from surrounding departments that included Georgetown City, Georgetown County Fire/EMS, Horry County Fire Rescue, and Murrells Inlet Fire Rescue. Battalion 85 established Myrtle Avenue command, completing a 360 walk around of the incident and also setting up the command post in front of the fire building.

Engine 821 (Crippen) arrived confirming at least two structures involved and exposures on both sides of the fire buildings. Engine 821 and Engine 811 (Smittle) laid supply lines from hydrants on Myrtle Avenue along with Ladder 831 setting up on one of the exposure sides of the building. Chief 2 (Crawford) arrived assuming operations with Chief 3 (Payne) assuming safety. Once water supply was established, hand lines in place, and an elevated master stream was ready a defensive operation was started on the involved fire buildings and for the exposure protection on both sides of the fire buildings. Chief 1 (Eggiman) arrived on scene and assumed command.

The wind driven fire was a challenge for the crews who made a great stop of fire advancement within 20 minutes of arrival. The fire was contained down within two hours of the operation beginning. As the fire was deemed under control, command started releasing units from the scene.

Mutual Aid was received from Georgetown City Fire Department, Murrells Inlet Garden City Fire Rescue, Georgetown County Fire/EMS and Horry County Fire Rescue. The fire was placed under control and the Midway Fire Rescue fire marshal (Blomdahl) began the cause and origin investigation.

Command: Chief 1 & Battalion 85

Operations: Chief 2

Safety: Chief 3


Engine 811

Engine 821

Engine 841

Ladder 831

Medic 815

Medic 825

Chief 1

Chief 2

Chief 3

Battalion 85

Mutual Aid

Georgetown City Fire Department

Murrells Inlet Garden City Fire Rescue

Georgetown County Fire/EMS

Horry County Fire Rescue

Pictures Courtesy of Chief Crawford, Chief Payne, Media Outlets

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