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Pluff Mud Rescue

On Tuesday, December 19th, Midway Fire Rescue was dispatched to Oyster Shell Landing for a water rescue. Battalion 82 responded immediately and was advised that a single person was stuck in the mud over waist deep and can’t get out. Surf 1, Surf 2 along with Engine 811, Medic 815 and Ladder 821 responded. Battalion 82 arrived on location with bystanders pointing to the victim setting up Oyster Shell command. The victim was approximately, 300 yards away and exhausted. A two-man crew was sent out to make contact while a second crew stood by for more information. It was advised that the victim was fighting the mud for over an hour and a half and was completely exhausted and a stokes basket was going to be needed to carry the victim out. Once the equipment and personnel was in place the four-man crew packaged the victim and walked to the landing. The crew was met by an awaiting medic crew to transport to the hospital for evaluation.

Command: Battalion 82

Operations: Engine 811 Officer


Engine 811

Ladder 821

Medic 815

Surf 1

Surf 2

Georgetown County Sheriff

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

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