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The mission of Midway Fire Rescue is to provide the highest quality of emergency and non-emergency service to the public that we serve with the resources available to us.


We will do this by providing rapid and effective intervention and mitigation of fire, medical, and specialized rescue emergencies.


We will work to reduce the potential for these emergencies through progressive public education and effective code enforcement and inspections.


We will build and maintain community trust and respect by holding ourselves to the highest standards of professional performance, education, personal development, and ethics.




Midway Fire Rescue’s vision of our future is a community where fire and life safety is an accepted way of life. A community made safe through the enhancement of our fire prevention activities, fire suppression and emergency medical efforts and through the relations with our community.




Customer service is essential in today’s fire service. In keeping with this belief, it is important to enhance the employee’s relationship with the customers. Our employees must be on the leading edge of training and technology.


Midway Fire Rescue covers approximately 72 square miles of the Waccamaw Neck and provides services to Litchfield Beach, Pawley’s Island, Prince George and Debordieu Colony. Along with fire protection we provide Public Education, Code Enforcement, Water Rescue and provide the Hazardous Materials and technical rescue response for Georgetown County.



The Insurance Services Organization (ISO) rating for Midway Fire Rescue is a Class 2/2X. This rating affects properties depending upon the type of building construction, the hazards of occupancy and other factors. Insurance policyholders should contact their insurance agent or company to determine the effect this classification might have on their homeowner policies.



Midway Fire Rescue has various Special Operations Divisions & Teams. Each team is made up of personnel from Midway Fire Rescue along with personnel from Georgetown County Fire/ EMS and Georgetown City Fire Department on the Technical Rescue Team. Midway Fire Rescue operates a Water Rescue Division and a Technical Rescue Division.  Midway Fire Rescue also operates a Hazardous Materials Response Team, Wildland Firefighting Team and a Bicycle Emergency Response Team. To learn more about the special operations divisions and teams click the special operations tab under the about section. 


The mission of the Midway Fire Rescue Honor Guard is to serve as representatives of the Fire Department at formal occasions as directed. The Honor Guard projects a positive image of the department and its members by performing as a well trained professional team at both local and national events. The Honor Guard is dedicated to honoring fallen firefighters, their families, and department members, both past and present.


The Midway Professional Firefighters Union, IAFF Local 3617 is made up of personnel from Midway Fire Rescue that are proud to serve Pawleys Island, Litchfield Beach, Prince George, Debordieu communities while also providing mutual aid to surrounding areas. The motto is "Excellence Through Service" like is seen on all MFR apparatus. 


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Facebook: Midway Professional Firefighters Association, IAFF Local 3617

The Fellowship of Christian Firefighters Association is made up of local Horry County and Georgetown County Firefighters strong enough to get the word out for Christ. The FCFI Purpose includes glorifying God in the fire service, fellowshipping together for individual growth in the Christian life, serving the cause of Christ through the church of one's own choice, encouraging those in the fire service in their Christian life, sharing locally in planned fellowship meetings, individual contact, and prayer, bringing all Christians in the fire service to a common goal of praying for the fire service and its members, sharing on an international basis through an annual international conference, having contact internationally with fellow Christian firefighters and the caring for firefighters in times of need. Individual chapters and members share Christ’s love in the fire service and their communities in many other and varied ways.

The Southern Chapter of the Axemen Professional Firefighters Motorcycle Club (South Carolina Chapter 1) are a proud group of firefighters from the Grandstrand and South Strand areas of South Carolina. We are proud to ride neutral with other clubs from the area.

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