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Headquarters Station

       Midway Fire Rescue was founded on December 11, 1961 as a volunteer fire department to serve the Waccamaw Neck. Midway Fire Rescue provides service to the Pawleys Island, Litchfield Beach and DeBordieu communities. These communities can be found along the Atlantic Ocean coast line that runs along US Highway 17, between Murrells Inlet, and Georgetown, SC. This area has steadily grown over the 44 years since its inception.

       The department started out as one centralized department and has since grown to include 3 full-time paid stations with 60 full-time career and 15 volunteer positions to include 10 Fire Corps. / Support and 5 Volunteer Firefighter / EMS. The first paid position was Fire Chief William Dotter in 1961. It was not until Fire Chief Mike Mock took over as the Chief in 1978 that Midway thought about hiring career staff. It took awhile but in 1986 Chief Mock hired Midways first career firefighters. Three personnel were hired; they were each put on their own shifts. Each person worked for 24 hours, and then they were off for 48 hours. Over the course of the next ten years, Midway Fire Rescue built three new fire stations and had hired enough people to have a shift consist of 6 people, 2 employees at each station.
      In 2008, Midway Fire Rescue has continued to grow with Chief Eggiman and the communities that we protect. Midway has assumed responsibilities for various specalties that includes fire suppression, emergency medical care, hazardous materials, confined space rescue, rope and water rescue.  With this in mind, our shift personnel have more than doubled. Our staffing is currently at nineteen people per shift.

Engine 4

      Engine 4, a 1962 C-95 Mack Fire Engine, was purchased from the Slagle Fire Equipment Company in 1987, via the City of Richmond, Virginia.  Midway purchased the fire engine to supplement it's firefighting force which at the time consisted of two fire engines and a ladder truck.  The fire engine's primary duty was to provide water to the departments 75 aerial platform via it's 1000 gpm pump.  Engine 4 remained in service until 1997 when it was converted into Education 4 "Kids".

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