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Midway Fire Rescue Recent Promotions and Career Advancement Opportunities:

Midway Fire Rescue offers job related training and career advancement opportunities. Through hard work and dedication the men and women listed below were about to promote to enhance the future leadership of our department. Our department looks forward to seeing our members be recognized and pinned at our promotional ceremonies by their significant others, family members and friends. Congratulations on your well deserved promotions!

Recent Promotions within our department:

-Lieutenant Thomas Doyle

Promotions within our department:

-Master Firefighter Clint Corpening

-Master Firefighter Eric Hemeon

-Master Firefighter Keith Ziegenhorn

-Lieutenant/EMT Santini Washington

-Master Firefighter/EMT Steven VanKirk

-Master Firefighter/EMT Zoey Regan

-Captain/EMT Steven Morales 

-Battalion Chief/EMT Pete Copeland 

-Lieutenant/Paramedic Paul Rentz

-Master Firefighter/EMT Brendan Sherman

-Master Firefighter/ EMT John Rossotto

-Master Firefighter/EMT Gary Rush

-Master Firefigher/EMT Thomas Doyle

-Lieutenant/Paramedic James Boyd

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Morales promotion.jpg
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