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Midway Fire Rescue – Division of Fire and Life Safety 

Commercial Occupancy Self-Inspection Program 

In a collaborative effort, Midway Fire Rescue would like to partner with our commercial businesses to ensure they remain safe all year long. To assist you with these efforts, the Division of Fire and Life Safety has developed a simple, yet effective, Commercial Occupancy Self-Inspection Program. To support you in this effort, we have provided you an overview of our Commercial Fire Inspection Program, a short informational video which walks you through required steps of the self-inspection, as well as a step-by-step self-inspection check-list, which guides you through all the areas to check when completing the “Fire Safety Self-Inspection.”


These documents are easily downloadable in a PDF Format, just click the link below. If you have questions, please email them to us at

Commercial Fire Inspection Video Overview 

This short informational video provides a summary of the departments Commercial Fire Safety Self-Inspection Program, highlighting the 12 areas to be checked throughout your business, as you complete the self-inspection program. 


Commercial Fire Inspection Program Overview 

This documents gives an in-depth summary of the departments Commercial Fire Inspection program, outlining three significant areas:

1) An overview of the inspection program, and steps taken to eliminate any hazards identified

2) An outline of the unfortunate results of a fire incident in a commercial occupancy, and the aftermath of a significant fire incident.

3) Several examples of the most prevalent fire code violations found in the commercial businesses across the Midway Fire Rescue District.

Commercial Self-Inspection Checklist 

This document is utilized by the business owner to complete a monthly self-inspection of their commercial occupancy. This documents consist of two specific sections:


1) The 12 primary areas throughout the occupancy which require a monthly check.

2) An overview of the required inspections for any Fire Protection Systems in the business. 

For additional information, please email us at
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