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Special Operations at Midway Fire Rescue


The Special Operations at Midway Fire Rescue is unique as the crews on each shift are trained in various disciplines at various levels.


Water Rescue

The Midway Fire Rescue Water Rescue Division is logistically unique due to the team members being a blend of Firefighter/Paramedics and Fire Fighters/EMT-Basics. The overall mission includes the ability to search for and rescue victims from the worst of environments. Water Rescue focuses on, but is not limited to, ocean rescue and moving water incidents within our jurisdiction and assisting mutual aid as requested. Each station is equipped with a water rescue unit(s) and trained personnel to make a timely response to a water rescue incident.


Each station is equipped with a water rescue unit (s):

Station 81

Surf 1: Nissan Frontier with Jet Ski

River 1: Sea Ark (26' foot) equipped with FLIR & Fire Pump (500 gpm with Monitor)

Beach 1: Kubota Off-Road Vehicle ambulance utilized to make quick access to incidents on our beaches and other areas that cannot be accessed by other units.


Station 82

Surf 2: Nissan Frontier with Jet Ski

Ocean 1: Inflatable Zodiak Water Craft

River 2: Sea Ark Jon Boat


Station 83

Surf 3: Nissan Frontier with Jet Ski

River 3: Sea Ark Jon Boat

Technical Rescue
Hazardous Materials
Response Team

The Midway Fire Rescue Hazardous Materials Response Team is another unique part of Special Operations. The goal of the "Hazmat Team" is to protect life and the environment by responding to any chemical or other dangerous material emergency and minimizing the dangers associated with them.  Georgetown County Technical Rescue Team handles the hazardous materials response for Geaorgetown County. The team has trained personnel in all aspects of Hazardous Materials that include Operations, Technicians and advanced training in many forms of hazardous materials responses.


Station 81

Support/Towing Vehicles

Hazardous Materials Trailer 


Wildland Firefighting Team

The Midway Fire Rescue Wildland Firefighting Team makes available wildland firefighting forces to suppress wildland fires to protect lives, personal property and natural resources. 


Station 83

Engine 841: This apparatus carries all MFR rural front line wildland firefighting equipment along with over 2700 gallons of water. 

Highwater 2: LMTV with a wildland skid firefighting unit (Fire pump and 200 gallon water tank)


Georgetown County Technical Rescue Team. This team is made up of personnel from Georgetown County Fire/EMS, Georgetown City Fire, as well as Midway Fire Rescue. These three departments came together to form one highly trained team specializing in rescue such as: Rope Rescue, Confined Space, Collapse, HazMat, Wilderness Search and Rescue, and Trench Rescues. This team covers all 815 square miles of Georgetown County as well as any mutual aid to surrounding areas that would be requested.


Station 81

Trench Rescue Trailer

Collapse Rescue Trailer


Rescue 816: Heavy Rescue Technical Unit that is utilized to transport specialized equipment for the team.


Other Resources are spread through Georgetown County. 


Bicycle Emergency Response Team (BERT)

The mission of Midway Fire Rescue Bicycle Emergency Response Team is to provide patient care within a minimal amount of time utilizing bicycles, basic and advanced medical equipment and specialized highly trained medical personnel at special events until additional medical resources become available.  Additionally, the BERT will educate the community on bicycle safety and serve as a positive role model for the youth on proper cycling ethics.


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