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Multi-Vehicle Accident with Injuries in Debordieu

This afternoon, Box 83-3 was dispatched for a two vehicle accident with injuries at the entrance of Debordieu Colony. Engine 841, Engine 811 and Medic 815 responded along with Battalion 83. Engine 841 arrived with one vehicle in the roadway and one off the roadway into the wooded area with Engine 841 establishing Debordieu command. The crew split and started patient care of the injuried patients. The crews worked on pateint care until the Medic units arrived on scene. Once all patient care was done the crews worked to mitigate any hazards from the two vehicles. The crews found no real hazards becides fluids on the roadway. The crews cleared the debris from the roadway and awaited the tow companies. Once all the vehicles were cleared. Command placed the remaining of the box in service.

Due to the backlog of traffic a minor accident was reported between the bridges that Ladder 831 handled while crews operated at the Debordieu incident.

Command: Battalion 83

Operations: Engine 841 & Engine 821 Officers

Engine 841, 811

Ladder 831

Medic 815

GC Medic 10

Georgetown County Sheriff

South Carolina Highway Patrol


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