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Rollover Accident Near Brookgreen Gardens

On March 20th, 2015, at 0830 in the morning Midway Fire Rescue was dispatched to a single vehicle rollover near Brookgreen Gardens. Engine 812, Medic 835 and Tower 814 along with Battalion 83 responded and were advised of a vehicle that was traveling southbound had left the roadway and rolled over, the vehicle was in the Northbound lane with possible entrapment. Engine 812 arrived confirming a single vehicle accident with no entrapment and a single occupant. Tower 814 arrived taking a blocking position with Battalion 83 establishing command. The single patient was packaged and Medic 835 transported to Grand Strand Regional Trauma Center. Engine 812 and Tower 814 awaited South Carolina Highway Patrol and once SCHP arrived the incident was turned over to them. The crews were out for about an hour. This accident was one of three rollover accidents in the past few days so please use caution while driving as seasonal traffic is starting to build in the area. Command: Engine 812 Officer Units: Engine 812 Tower 814 Medic 835 Battalion 83

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