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River I Responds To Murrells Inlet For Boat Fire

This evening, around 6 p.m., Midway Fire Rescue was training in River One on the Waccamaw River when the crew heard a mayday call for a boat on fire with victims jumping in the water near their location. River I responded immediately with updated information of multiple callers reporting a working boat fire. River I arrived on scene near the Wacca Wache Marina with smoke and fire showing from a free floating 36-foot boat. The crews immediately got the boat under control getting it to the edge of the water way. Midway Fire Rescue crews utilized the on-board fire pump and deck gun to extinguish the fire. The victims were already in the care of by-standers that had picked them up before rescue crews arrived on scene. The victims were brought to shore and checked for injuries with one being transported to Waccamaw Community Hospital for minor burns. Command: Murrels Inlet Garden City Units:

MIGC Ladder 78

MIGC Medic 76 MFR River I U.S. Coast Guard

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