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Warehouse Fire in Lake City

Yesterday, various fire departments from the Grand Strand were activated by the South Carolina State Firefighter's immobilization to assist the South Lynches Fire Department with a 162,000 sq. foot warehouse fire. The warehouse contained an estimated 1.5-2 million pounds of straw inside. Midway Fire Rescue sent one, four person crew to assist along with teaming up with Georgetown County Fire/EMS in which they sent two personnel. The crews left together in a convoy to the staging at South Lynches Fire Department where they met with various other fire department preparing to deploy to the site. Once the crews arrived on location of the warehouse, they were sent to manpower then put to work assisting with extinguishment and overhaul of the structure until being switched out with other crews on scene. The crews operated for 9 hours until being released by command.

The crews worked very well together and made it a successful incident.

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