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Monthly Training for Technical Rescue Team

Today, the Georgetown County Technical Rescue Team held its monthly training at the Georgetown County Landfill. The landfill is a great place for the team to train and learn as it provides the team with piles of concrete and other materials that the team could come in contact with at various emergency scenes. The topic this month was apparatus and tool familiarization. Midway Fire Rescue has just placed Heavy Rescue 816 in service and being familiar and proficient with the rescue tools it carries is extremely important to a successful technical rescue, today the team had a chance to breach and break concrete with the new rescue’s air tool system that includes a jackhammer and air hammer drill. The team worked for over three hours breaching and breaking concrete.

In addition to the hands on training, we have welcomed a new asset to the team. Georgetown City Fire Department has joined and lies between Midway Fire Rescue’s District and Georgetown County Fire & EMS District. We welcome them as they provide the team with more trained manpower and rescue equipment.

The team now has three departments operating under one technical rescue umbrella:

Midway Fire Rescue

Georgetown City Fire Department

Georgetown County Fire & EMS

Welcome Georgetown City Fire Department to the Georgetown County Technical Rescue Team!

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