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New Water Craft for MFR

Yesterday, Midway Fire Rescue took delivery of two new SeaArk 1660 Rescue Boats to serve the citizens and visitors to Pawley's Island area and Georgetown County. These boats are a much needed asset to Midway Fire Rescue after recent flooding events throughout Georgetown County. The SeakArk 1660 Rescue boats are built to last a lifetime and the crews couldn't be more excited to have them in the equipment inventory.

We would like to thank Georgetown County Council and the Georgetown County Residents for showing support for this much needed purchase.

Boat Model Specifications from SeaArk Boats:

660 MVT Rescue

SeaArk's 1660 Rescue is a popular model among Search And Rescue (SAR) operators, fire departments, and sheriff's departments. This wide bottom model has a 3° bottom but is also available in a tunnel hull design for shallow water access. Longitudinal boxes on both port and starboard sides offer a dual purpose application as storage areas for dive gear or medical equipment and seating of team members.


  • Length 16 ft

  • Beam 82 in

  • Bottom 60 in

  • Side Depth 24 in

  • .100 Gauge Aluminum

  • Max HP 50

  • Weight Capacity 1250 lbs

  • Boat Weight 625 lbs

  • Transom Height 20 in

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