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Prince George Structure Fire

On Saturday evening at 2230 hours, Midway Fire Rescue was dispatch to 2890 Vanderbilt Blvd for a residential fire alarm. Ladder 821, Tower 814 and Engine 811 responded with Battalion 82. While responding the alarm company reported activation of additional detectors.

Battalion 82 arrived on location of a very large oceanfront residential structure. The residents arrived with the first arriving apparatus and confirmed the structure was unoccupied. Battalion 82 did a walk around of the structure reporting a working fire with extension into the attic and set up Vanderbilt Command. Ladder 821 arrived and started stretching lines into the structure to attack the fire in the area of a fireplace and attic. Engine 811 took the hydrant down the street and laid into the structure to provide water. Chief 2 arrived striking another alarm for 1st alarm transfers to cover while Midway crews operated, and having Battalion 82 take operations and Chief 2 taking command. Chief 1 arrived on scene completing the command structure allowing more personnel to assist on the interior.The crews made a great knock on the fire with extensive overhaul needing to be done. The crews completed overhaul and salvage in approximately three hours. Command placed the box in service after four hours on scene.

Chief 4 (Fire Marshal) was dispatched and completed his investigation once all hazards were controlled.

A big thank you to Georgetown City, Georgetown Fire/EMS and Murrells Inlet Garden City Fire for standing by while crews operated on the structure fire.

Command: Chief 1

Operations: Chief 2

Safety: Battalion 82


Engine 811

Engine 841

Ladder 821

Ladder 831

Tower 814

Rescue 816

Medic 815

Medic 825

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