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The Finished Ladder 814

For over the past year, Midway Fire Rescue has been working on building a new Ladder 814 to replace the aging Tower 814 for the Litchfield Headquarters Station.

Today, the final, public reveal of Ladder 814 was here. The apparatus is dedicated to the late Battalion Chief Joshua Carney that passed away from cancer just two years ago. The Carney Family was at the revealing at Fire Rescue International in Atlanta, Georgia. The apparatus will be displayed at the show until the conclusion, at the end of the week.

The new Ladder 814 will then make its way to its home in Pawleys Island to start personnel training on all the new features of the new Ladder 814.

We also had another big reveal at the show, the artwork, on the rear of Ladder 814 designed and drawn by the famous fire service artist Lieutenant Paul Combs.

We are proud of this apparatus and can't wait to it starts serving the community in Pawleys Island.

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