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MFR Welcomes Two New Apparatus

Recently, Midway Fire Rescue welcomed two new peices of equipment to serve the community. Engine 831 and 841 will be stationed in Debordieu.

Edited Image 2014-7-14-19:16:28

Engine 831

E-ONE Typhoon 4 person cab with a 75’ aluminum ladder.

450 HP Cummins diesel motor

2000 GPM Hale pump

500 gallon water tank

4 speedlay pre-connects

800 feet of 5” supply hose

120 feet of ground ladders

75 foot – 3 section aerial

1000 GPM waterway

Pinnable waterway for rescue operations

8000 watt hydraulic generator

Engine 841

2012 E-ONE Cyclone II - 4 man cab

Tandem axle chassis

Cummins 525 HP motor

Emergency stability control system to reduce rollover potential

Hale 2000 GPM pump

Water tank 2750 gallons

Newton 10 inch swivel rear dump valve (empties tank in 2.5 minutes)

Rear LDH direct tank fill

(2) LDH Master intake valves (one each side of pump)

3000 gallon portable dump tank

(2) hard suction

Extend-a-gun prepiped deck gun

Officers side booster reel with 200 feet of lightweight booster hose

(4) Preconnects

(1) Pre-connected TFT stepgun (3 inch hose)

800 feet of 5 inch supply hose

8000 watt hydraulic generator with cord reel

(5) 750 watt quartz floodlights mounted around vehicle to illuminate tanker/shuttle operations

Firecom wireless headset system

Camera back up system

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