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LifeNet Conway

Midway Fire Rescue would like to thank LifeNet Conway crew for their dedication and information by providing continuing educational training for our staff.

The training provided basic and advanced airway management techniques for each level of health care provider. Topics include respiratory anatomy and physiology, airway/ventilation, adjuncts, non-surgical cricothyrotomy intervention, and rapid sequence intubation.

This training reinforced the fundamentals of airway management, as well as provide exposure to advanced airway management concepts, techniques and skills. Managing an emergency airway accurately requires a combination of competencies, including excellent motor skills and thoughtful clinical decision-making, this training consisted of interactive discussions and hands-on skills stations with expert Faculty from our regional aeromedical service LifeNet Conway crew members.

Thank you again Beth Dockery and Chad Cox for time and professionalism.

LifeNet Conway Crew: Beth Dockery – Flight Nurse Chad Cox – Flight Medic

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