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Employee of the Quarter

Congradulations to the Employee of the Quarter!

Will Tayloe - Firefighter II

FF2 Will Tayloe has been with Midway for 7 years. He is a great success story as he began with us as a volunteer, and after attending the Myrtle Beach recruit school he was hired as a career firefighter. He volunteered for close to 2 years. He has worked hard to become a FF2, and is able to operate all apparatus at Midway.

FF2 Will Tayloe is an excellent employee. He is always willing to take on extra duties around the firehouse. He is often looked at when radio assistance is needed or anything dealing with water rescue as both of these are his specialty. Above his normal duties of being a driver/operator, Will has really helped out in the last quarter. He has assisted TSA Williamson in completing radio installs and placing our new radios in service. He has also put many hours into assisting with the maintenance of our boat. He has made minor repairs and updated equipment. He has made professional suggestions with the upkeep of the boat. He has been involved with the addition of the fire pump to the boat and provided training for all personnel pertaining to the pump. Will is a great person to have on our shift and a great employee for Georgetown County.

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