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Wesley Road Fatal Accident

Today, just after midnight Midway Fire Rescue was dispatched to Wesley Road near the Browns Chapel Church for a reported single vehicle accident. Engine 811, Tower 814 and Medic 815 were on the street within a minute along with the Battalion Chief 82 (Gilmore). Engine 811 arrived with a single vehicle into a tree confirming the driver had expired and the passenger heavily entrapped. Tower 814 and Medic 815 arrived with patient extraction and care already in rapid progress. Battalion Chief 82 (Gilmore) arrived on scene establishing Wesley Road command and requesting a helicopter to stand-by and to dispatch another engine company to assist with extrication. Engine 811, 821 and Tower 814 crew stabilized the vehicle and started extrication by removing the passenger door and using a hydraulic ram to push the dash off the patients legs. Once the patient was free, it was decided to ground transport the single patient to Waccama Hospital to meet the helicopter so the patient could be flown to the trauma center (Grand Strand) in Myrtle Beach. Once the single patient was extricated, the crews stood by awaiting law enforcement so the investigation could be started and so the other patient could be extricated. The crews were out for about two hours until MFR units were cleared from the scene.

Command: Battalion Chief 82 (Gilmore)

Operations: Engine 811s Officer - Captain (Carney)

Safety: Assistant Fire Chief (Crawford)


Engine: 811, 821

Tower 814

Medic 815

South Carolina Highway Patrol

Georgetown County Coroner

News Report


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