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Helicopter Requested For Tree Service Worker

This morning, Box 81-8 was dispatched for a reported crushing injury. Engine 811 and Medic 815 responded and were advised that a twenty-four year old tree service worker was struck by a large falling tree branch while he was working. Engine 811 and Medic 815 arrived on location with Engine 811 officer setting up command and based on the patients injuries a medical helicopter was requested. Battalion 83 coordinated the setting up of a Landing Zone at Retreat Park with Ladder 831. Once the patient was in the care of the medical helicopter crew, the patient was flown to Grand Strand Trauma Center. Command was terminated minutes later once the helipcopter was in the air.

Command: Battalion 83

Operations: Engine 811 Officer


Engine 811

Ladder 831

Medic 815

Medical Helicopter


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