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Founders Club MVA

This morning, around 9 a.m. units were dispatched to a motor vehicle accident near the Founders Club. Engine 821, Medic 825, Ladder 831 and Battalion 83 responded and recieved information of a single vehicle on its side. Engine 821 arrived on location confirming the report of a single vehicle on its side with all occupants out of the vehicle with no injuries setting up Ocean Highway command. Battalion 83 arrived assuming Ocean Highway command with Engine 821 officer taking operations checking for hazards which none were found. Medic 825 checked out the occupant of the vehicle with the patient refusing any care. Command held the box to Engine 821 until South Carolina Highway Patrol arrived on scene. Once South Carolina Highway Patrol arrived, no fire services were needed and command placed the box in service.

Command: Battalion 83

Operations: Engine 821 Officer


Engine 821

Ladder 831

Medic 825

South Carolina Highway Patrol

Tow Company


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