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Vehicle Accident with Entrapment at DeBordieu

This afternoon, Midway Fire Rescue was dispatched to the entrance of DeBordieu Colony for a vehicle accident with possible entrapment. Battalion 81, Ladder 831, Engine 822, Medic 825 and Medic 815 all responded within a minute of dispatch. Ladder 831 arrived on scene, minutes after dispatch confirming a three vehicle accident with entrapment. The crew went to work starting patient care and vehicle stabilization until other units could arrive on scene. Once the vehicles were stabilized extraction was started as other units started to arrive on location. Ladder 831 officer took the operations role as Battalion 81 established DeBordieu command on arrival. As the scene was assessed, another medic unit was requested from Georgetown County Fire/EMS. The crews extricated multiple patients out of one of the vehicles by removing the passenger side doors so access could be made and providing better patient care. A total of five patients were treated with four patients transported to local hospitals. Once patient care was complete and all patients were transported the crews controlled fluids on the roadway and awaited for the vehicles to be removed. Once the vehicles were removed, command placed the box in service. Midway Fire Rescue units were out for about an hour.

Command: Battalion 81

Operations: Ladder 831 Officer


Engine 822

Ladder 831

Medic: 825, 815

Battalion Chief

Chief 1

Georgetown County Fire/EMS: Medic 10

Georgetown County Sheriff

South Carolina Highway Patrol

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