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Welcome Chief Payne to MFR!

Official Announcement

Midway Fire Rescue is pleased to announce that we have officially filled our vacant Division Chief of Training & Special Operations position after a six month search. The position was offered to James Payne of Westminster, Maryland. Chief Payne competed against 28 other applicant candidates for the position consisting of an application packet review, a telephone interview process, background and medical clearance, and an outside formal interview panel.

Chief Payne comes to us from the Baltimore City Fire Department, Maryland and has recently retired as a captain after 28 years of service with their city. He has an extensive background in training firefighters, technical rescue operations, water rescue operations, and holds numerous fire service certifications including a Bachelor’s Degree in Fire Administration.

Chief Payne’s new duties at Midway Fire Rescue will include serving as the department training chief, operations chief of our technical rescue team (TRT), the department public information officer (PIO), the department health and safety officer including the role as fireground safety chief, and responding to emergencies as required.

We are very excited and look forward to having Chief Payne as a very important member of our Midway Fire Rescue team! He will be starting his new position in January 2015.


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