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Vehicle Into Structure for A-Shift

This afternoon, Engine 821, Medic 845 and Tower 814 along with Battaltion 81 responded to 11460 Ocean Highway at Georgetown Kraft Credit Union for an accident with injuries. Midway Fire Rescue units responded and were advised that one vehicle hit the building with possible injuries. All units arrived on location with Battalion 81 setting up Ocean Highway command with all occupants out of the vehicle confirming one vehicle into the structure. Midway Fire Rescue sent crews in to investigate the structure for hazards and to secure utilities to the structure (No hazards were found). The structure was evacuated until the structural integrity could be determined by the Georgetown County Building Inspector. The building was deemed safe by the Inspector and the building was reoccupied within an hour after evacuation. The accident was investigated and was reported the accident was caused by an operational malfunction as the occupant was pulling into a parking space. Fire Chief Doug Eggiman said the signle occupant of the vehicle was transported to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Command: Battalion Chief 81

Operations: Engine 821 Officer


Engine 821

Medic 845

Tower 814

Chief 1

Battalion 81

Georgetown County Building Inspector

South Carolina Highway Patrol

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Link to South Strand News Article:

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