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Old Waccamaw Drive Structure Fire

On Monday, February 16th at 1703 hours Midway Fire Rescue was dispatched to a reported structure fire at 173 Old Waccamaw Drive in Hagley Estates. Chief 2 (Crawford) arrived within one minute and reported a one and a half story single family dwelling with moderate smoke showing from the chimney and eaves of the building with extension into the attic space and all occupants evacuated. The homeowner was attempting to extinguish the roof fire with a garden hose and was directed to move to safety. Engine 821 arrived first due and laid a 5” supply line and was directed to leave room for the truck and advance an attack line into the crawl space/attic area and attempt to stop the fire from running the interior crawl space. Acting Battalion Chief (Ruffennach) arrived on scene and was assigned operations of the fireground. Tower 814 arrived on scene and positioned in front of the structure and set up on the roof. The fire self-vented through a gable wall and was threatening to advance over the garage area. Engine 811 arrived and advanced a second attack line into the living area and into the crawl space from the D side of the building to stop the fire from spreading. Ladder 831 arrived and set up on the front yard and laddered the building for roof operations and then assumed the RIT assignment. Medic 825 arrived and was used as additional manpower with Medic 815 arriving and performing the EMS standby duty. Squad 816 set up the rehab area and assisted with filling SCBA cylinders. The fire was brought under control within an hour with crews holding the fire to the center of the building. Salvage covers were also thrown to protect the homeowner’s belongings. MFR fire inspector (Morris) arrived on scene to conduct a preliminary investigation. No injuries were reported.

Command: Chief 2

Operations: Battalion 85


Engine 811, 821, 841

Ladder 831

Tower 814

Medic 815, 825

Battalion 85

Chief 2

Squad 816

1st Alarm Transfers

Georgetown City Engine 10 to Station 82

MIGC Ladder 78 to Station 81

Horry County Tower 20 to Station 81


Photos Courtesy of Assistant Chief Crawford

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