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Bluestem Drive Entrapment for A-Shift

Midway Fire Rescue was dispatched for a single vehicle MVA on Bluestem Drive on Tuesday Afternoon. Engine 821 arrived advising one vehicle into a tree with heavy damage. Engine 821 officer performed an assessment and confirmed entrapment with one occupant. The vehicle impacted a tree and resulted in approximately 3 feet of intrusion to the passenger compartment. Medic 825 assessed the patient and requested the helicopter for rapid air transport to the trauma center. Medic 825 began treatment while Engine 821 crew stabilized the vehicle with cribbing and res-q-jacks and began the extrication. BC 81 arrived assuming command with Engine 821 officer taking operations. Tower 814 arrived and assisted with the extrication. Chief 3 assumed the safety chief position and Chief 2 assisted with command. Engine 811 responded to the LZ and began communications with the helicopter. The extrication took 17 minutes and Medic 825 transported the occupant to the LZ where LifeNet 6 assumed care transporting to Grand Strand Trauma Center.

Command: Battalion 81


Engine 821

Tower 814

Medic 825

Battalion Chief

Chief 2

Chief 3

Landing Zone Operations

Engine 811

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