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Meet Our Crew: Volunteer Frank Seitz Jr.

Frank Seitz Jr. is a volunteer fire inspector with Midway Fire Rescue


Native of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, north of Philadelphia, Pawleys Island area resident for nine years

Former volunteer firefighter in Willowgrove and Glenside, Pennsylvania for 35 years

Earned a degree in horticulture and landscaping design from Temple University

Served in U.S. Navy for three years as a gunnery fire control technician, Vietnam veteran serving four tours

Owned Candle Factory Products in Beachwood, New Jersey

Retired: nine years

What do you do for Midway Fire Rescue?

I came to Midway at age 65 and they needed me in the fire marshals office. I help with fire and life safety under direction of Fire Marshall Todd Blomdahl. I am trained to be a fire inspector and to drive the ambulance, which we call a medic unit. Also, volunteers have a unit they take out on calls for long-term situations called a rehabilitation truck. I go out on that and help fill the breathing air tanks for the firefighters. The rehabilitation truck has water, chairs and generators. We get to the scene and set up the rehabilitation area. After the firefighters are into a situation for an hour, they are supposed to go into the rehabilitation area. They have their blood pressure taken, have water and sit down.

Then the medics give them permission to continue fighting the fire. Whatever we can do to keep them comfortable while fighting the fire.

Another thing I’m involved in is working on a fire and life safety trailer. It is like a mobile home with a kitchen and a bedroom and it has artificial smoke that they put in there. We have a training program we use at every school in Pawleys Island in October. You always hear of fire prevention week, well here it is fire prevention month. Two or three times a week, we are at different schools with our programs. Midway has received a lot of awards for fire and life safety.

I was honored in 2013 as the Georgetown County volunteer of the year. They keep me busy.

What do you like about volunteering for Midway Fire Rescue?

I’ve always been involved in the community and fire protection. It is very fortunate for me that in retirement I can continue with fire service, just in different ways. It gives me personal satisfaction. We always want to feel like we are needed. Midway has made me feel needed.

What should people know about Midway Fire Rescue?

As a longtime volunteer firefighter, people should know that a paid fire department is an asset in the community.

A paid fire department is like having a fire sprinkler in a house. They are always there to take care of emergencies and they can be there in three to five minutes. Midway has three stations in the Pawleys Island area and takes care of any emergency from the Waccamaw River to the Atlantic Ocean.

Do you volunteer with other organizations?

I volunteer at Brookgreen Gardens where I do a little bit of everything. The main thing I am doing right now, since I have a horticulture degree, I am out in gardens, in the green house, and I do maintenance of plants and trees in the zoo.

I also volunteer at Belin Church. I helped direct people for parking during the Blessing of the Inlet festival.

I am also an usher and greeter at the church.

Talk about your family.

My wife, Nancy, is a retired teacher and a volunteer at Brookgreen Gardens.

We have a son, Frank III. He has taken over the candle factory business and is also an attorney. Our daughter Lorinda White is a healthcare professional. We have four grand children who are all involved in soccer. They are Jack, Kolin, Garrett and Page. All of our children and grandchildren are up in New Jersey.

By: Clayton Stairs

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