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Fiery Accident on Ocean Highway for B-Shift

Yesterday, at approximately 1930 hours, Midway Fire Rescue was dispatched to a reported vehicle accident versus moped with the vehicle reported on fire. Battalion 82, Medic 825, Rescue 816 and Engine 841 responded immediately. The units were updated of a working vehicle fire and a reported ejection from a vehicle. Battalion 82 asked central dispatch for a helicopter to be put on stand-by along with starting another engine company and medic unit to the scene.

Battalion 82 arrived on scene with a working vehicle fire and a victim on the roadway with traumatic injuries. Medic 825 arrived on scene and immediately started patient care. Engine 841 was assigned to the vehicle fire, quickly extinguishing the fire and searching for additional patients. The ejected patient, which was the moped operator, was immediately transported to Georgetown Hospital with Engine 812 assisting with patient packaging. Chief 2 arrived on scene and assumed Ocean Highway Command. Rescue 816 and Medic 815 arrived on location assisting with lighting the scene and additional patient care. Chief 1 arrived on scene and took command of the south area of the accident scene due to the scene being spread over 100 yards. Thermal imaging cameras were used to search the wooded area alongside the roadway for any additional patients that could have been ejected.

Once it was confirmed there were no other patients, MFR crews assisted South Carolina Highway Patrol’s accident investigation by providing lighting and support.

South Command: Chief 1

North Command: Chief 2

Operations: Battalion Chief 82


Engine 841

Engine 812

Rescue 816

Medic 825

Medic 815

South Carolina Highway Patrol

Georgetown County Sheriff

Georgetown City Police Department

Photos Courtesy of Nancy Crawford

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