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Midway Fire Rescue Assists with Campaign Coverage

On Friday, Midway Fire Rescue was tasked with providing coverage for campaign visits from two different presidential candidates and several members of our government. The afternoon event was Donald Trump at Pawleys Plantation. He was joined by SC Attorney General Henry McMaster. The evening event was Senator Marco Rubio at the Low Country Day School. He was joined by Senator Tim Scott and SC Governor Nikki Haley. The crews were asked to stand by with a variety of resources depending on the event. The resources provided included on-site Division of Fire & Life Safety staff for occupancy count monitoring, a medic unit, a rescue with hazardous materials capabilities, and other resources. There was great collaboration with various law enforcement agencies at both sites. These included Georgetown County Sheriff's Office, SCHP, the US Secret Service, SLED, and the Governor's Protective Detail. The crews were assigned various tasks but thankfully were never utilized. The crews were out for several hours for each event. Candidates and their invited guests at both events went out of their way to greet, thank, and take pictures with personnel. Total resources assigned varied for each event but overall response to both events included: Chief 1 Chief 2 Chief 3 Chief 4 BC 82 Inspector 1 TSA 1 Rescue 816 Hazardous Materials Response Trailer Beach 1 Medic 835 Medic 845

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