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One Turned Over On Ocean Highway

On Friday Evening, Midway Fire Rescue was dispatched to Ocean Highway and Boyle Drive for a single vehicle accident. A vehicle traveling south, crossed over the median and overturned. Engine 811, Rescue 816 and Medic 815 arriving in minutes and confirmed the report with one injury. The crews stabilized the vehicle and worked to extract and transport the patient. Battalion 83 arrived on scene setting up Ocean Highway command. Once the patient was packaged, the crews checked for any other hazards which none were found. The single patient was transported to Grand Strand Regional Medical Center. As the crews were working the first accident another accident occurred in the roadway with no reported injuries. The crews split and confirmed no injuries.

Command: Battalion 83

Operations: Engine 811 Officer


Engine 811

Rescue 816

Medic 815

Medic 825

Chief 1

Chief 2

Battalion Chief

Photos Courtesy of Mrs. Crawford

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