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Midway Fire Rescue Helps Scouts Earn Merit Badges

Scouting’s history goes way back to the beginning of the 20th century. It was started by British Army office Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell. Boy Scouts of America was incorporated in 1910. Although scouting has changed over the years, the goals remain the same: Citizenship training, personal fitness and character growth. For each training skill, the Boy Scouts earn Merit Badges. There are over 100 Merit Badges. The Merit Badge helps to encourage the Scouts to explore different areas that interest them and to also teach them valuable survival skills.

During March Merit Badge Madness this weekend, Midway Fire Rescue put together 4 different training sessions for the Scouts to earn their badges. Midway Firefighters and Officers used their training and skills to teach the Boy Scouts the basics to earn the above 4 badges. Our Firefighters love to share their knowledge and skills with the community. It gives us a sense of pride to know that we can help the children grow and learn.

First Aid – Instructed by: Master Firefighter Jeremy Skinner & Firefighter Paramedic I Bill Dougan

Fire Safety – Instructed by: Fire Marshal Todd Blomdahl

Emergency Preperation - Instructed by: Sam Hodge Georgetown County Emergency Management

Search & Rescue – Instructed by: Lieutenant Pete Copeland & Firefighter I Justin Lenker

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