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Early Response Saves Local Motel


Early Notification - Early Containment - Early Response

There are three key parts to saving lives and property from the devastating effects of fire; and all three worked together recently in Pawleys Island, S.C.

On Monday May 9th, 2016 at approximately 0656 a fire occurred in the linen dryer at a local motel. The alarm system activated after a sprinkler head discharged which provided Early Notification to the fire department. The fire sprinkler head located in the laundry room activated due to the excessive heat which provided Early Containment. And due to the early notification the fire department arrived with a full complement within minutes of receiving the alarm to provide an Early Response. Upon arrival Midway Fire Rescue units discovered the fire and our personnel were able to complete the extinguishment without any further extension.

Because all three parts worked together the fire and water damages were kept to a minimum, the occupants were safer, the area where firefighters had to work was safer, and the building did not suffer any extensive fire and water damages.

Fore more information, contact;

Midway Fire Rescue

67 St. Paul’s Place

Pawleys Island, SC 29586


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