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Technical Bridge Rescue

Approximately 1000 hours Sunday morning, Midway Fire Recue was dispatched to 395 Ocean Highway at the Double Bay Bridges for a traumatic injury. Engine 841 and Medic 815 responded with updated information that bridge workers were working under the bridge and a worker was struck by a pipe and is injured on the scaffolding under the bridge. The patient was located on the underside of the bridge with very limited access. Battalion 85 hearing the reports requested the Georgetown County Technical Rescue Team to respond due to the confined space area where the patient was located and the need for manpower including technical rescue assistance. Engine 841 arrived on scene finding the patient was under the bridge in a small space unconscious. Ladder 831, Rescue 816 were dispatched as well for equipment and manpower along with Georgetown County units.

With units arriving on scene, the crews sent one firefighter/paramedic down to the patient while the crews on the bridge started setting up a rope haul system utilizing the ladder truck and stokes basket. The crew had the patient packaged and the hoist began with the patient hoisted to the bridge surface within 30 minutes. The patient was transported to Georgetown Memorial Hospital to the awaiting helicopter and flown to Grand Strand Trauma Center. The United States Coast Guard and Tow Boat USA were standing by in the water beneath the bridge during the operation.

Command: Chief 1

Operations: Battalion 85

Safety: Battalion 93

Georgetown County Technical Rescue Team Operations: Chief 2

Other Resources:

United States Coast Guard

Tow Boat USA

South Carolina Highway Patrol

Battalion 93 not 92,

Georgetown City Police

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