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Bannockburn Third Alarm Structure Fire

On Tuesday January 10, 2017 at 0107 hours Midway Fire Rescue was dispatched to a reported residential structure fire at 541 Bannockburn Drive in Hagley Estates. Battalion 83 (Pifer) arrived on scene reporting a chimney fire in a large raised residential structure with smoke showing from the attic space.

After performing a walk around of the building Battalion 83 set up the command post in front of the building striking a first alarm assignment. Engine 821 arrived and secured a hydrant laying a 5" supply line to the front of the building. Engine 821's crew then started their handline stretch to the front door. Engine 811 arrived and stretched a backup line from Engine 821 to back up the first line. Ladder 831 arrived and setup for aerial operations on the A/D corner. Engine 841 arrived on scene and sent their manpower to the front of the building to assist with stretching hoseline.

Chief 2 (Crawford) arrived on scene, performed a walk around sizeup of the fire building, and assumed operations. Noting very heavy fire conditions in the rear and side B, and with flashover conditions present, ordered all firefighters to evacuate the building. Chief 2 requested a second alarm assignment minutes after evacuations were ordered. Chief 3 (Payne) arrived on location and assumed safety of the incident.

Chief 1 (Eggiman) arrived on scene and assumed Bannockburn Command. Battalion Chief 83 was assigned to side C due to the heavy fire conditions present and coordinated the fire attack in the rear. Rescue 816 arrived on scene and setup lighting operations, rehab, and SCBA refill. With fire throughout the building ladder pipe operations were used to knock the bulk of the fire down. As the heavy fire knocked down interior operations were resumed on the 2nd floor then making progress to the 3rd floor extinguishing the fire. Command requested a third alarm assignment due to extension overhaul.

Mutual Aid was received from Georgetown City Fire Department, Murrells Inlet Garden City Fire Rescue, Georgetown County Fire/EMS, Horry County Fire Rescue. The fire was placed under control and the Midway Fire Rescue fire marshal (Blomdahl) began the cause and origin investigation. Two minor injuries were reported by firefighters. The unusually cold evening with temperatures in the twenties caused slippery conditions around the fire building.

Command: Chief 1 (Eggiman)

Operations: Chief 2 & Battalion 83

Safety: Chief 3 Payne

Photos Courtesy of Mrs. Nancy Crawford, WMBF News

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