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Andrews Skydiver Rescue

This afternoon around 1415pm, Andrews Fire Department was dispatched to the Andrews Airport at South Carolina Skydiving for a skydiver in a tree. Andrews Fire Department and Georgetown County Fire/EMS on duty Battalion Chief immediately requested the Georgetown County Technical Rescue Team for assistance. The Georgetown County Technical Rescue Team encompasses Midway Fire Rescue, Georgetown County Fire/EMS and Georgetown City Fire Department responded immediately with personnel in various units to the scene. The first arriving units, Andrews Fire Chief and Battalion 91 (GCFE) confirmed the report and advised of a single skydiver in a tree approx. 50ft to 60ft in the air uninjured just needed assistance to getting safety down. Command also requested a gator vehicle to assist with manpower and equipment movement to the scene. Rescue 5 and Rescue 816 with personnel and equipment arrived within thirty minutes of dispatch and formulated a plan with units and the special operations chief already on scene. As the access to the site was very limited, no aerial device could be utilized, the team organized a ground ladder (35ft) to make the assent to part of the tree then a member worked to the skydiver using a rope system. Once the team member made it to the skydiver a belay rope system was utilized and attached to the skydiver for safety. The skydiver made the descend down the tree with assistance of the team members on the ground. Once the skydiver and team member were safety on the ground, command marked control of the incident. The rescue operation took a total of twenty-five minutes once equipment was in place. All units on scene did a great job and all departments worked seamless together to make the rescue very successful.

Command: Battalion 91 assisted by GCFE AFC Hucks and GCFD FC Cribb

Operations: Special Operations Chief (Payne)

Safety: Lieutenant Smittle


Rescue 816 (MFR)

Rescue 5 (GCFE)

Engine 10 (GCFE)

Medic (GCFE)

Engine 5 (AFD)

GCFD Units

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