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Battalion Chief Joshua Carney

It is with a heavy heart and profound sadness that Midway Fire Rescue announces the passing of Battalion Chief Josh Carney earlier this morning. Battalion Chief was battling an aggressive melanoma cancer in which he was diagnosed of in June. While it hurts, our hearts let’s take some relief by knowing that his pain and struggles are over and he is truly in a better place.

The coming days, weeks, and months will be tough but I think we can pull from the words from his wife Lillian and BC Josh Carney recently shared with us.

Lillian spoke of faith, hope, and love. Faith that there is a greater plan and this is part of it, hope for a better future, and love for each other. BC Carney gave us very direct instructions in a letter to “make sure you are jumping out of your socks to help each other”.

Arrangements for Battalion Chief Josh Carney is forth coming in the next several days.

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