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Georgetown County Technical Rescue Team Drill

On Wednesday, November 15th, the Georgetown County Technical Rescue Team encompassing Midway Fire Rescue, Georgetown County Fire/EMS and Georgetown City Fire Department held bi-monthly training at Midway Fire Rescue, Station 81. The topic was hazardous materials response to a fixed facility with a chlorine leak in a valve system. Lt. Peter Copeland and Firefighter Justin Lenker organized the drill and created a prop that would allow entry teams to manipulate valves and secure leaks from a system under simulated chlorine fog. The crews were also tasked with finding a “missing” facility member that needed emergency decontamination.

The crews set up a command system with personnel having various rolls that included command, operations, decontamination along with many others. The operation had over three entries with all departments working very well together to complete the goals of the drill which were life safety, incident satiability and property conversation.

Monthly drills like this one are great for our crews as these drills build teamwork and comradery.

Strong work by all the crews involved!


Rescue 816

Midway Fire Rescue Hazardous Materials Response Trailer

Georgetown City Hazardous Materials Response Vehicle

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