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A-Shift Entrapment

This morning, Midway Fire Rescue units responded to a reported single vehicle accident with rollover on Highway 17 and DeBordieu Blvd. Engine 831 (Smittle) arrived on location confirming the report with the vehicle on its side and two occupants still in the vehicle. The crews went to work immediately stabilizing the vehicle and starting extrication. Battalion Chief (McClellan) arrived on location establishing ocean highway command. Tower 814 arrived taking a blocking position to protect the scene and sending the crew up to the scene to assist. Command advised another Medic unit and Engine are needed to assist with the extraction. Once the vehicle was stabilized, the crews worked to extricate the patients by removing the roof so the occupants could be removed. The occupants were extricated in 15 minutes with both being transported to the hospital for evaluation.

Command: Battalion Chief 81

Operations: Engine 831 Officer


Engine: 831, 821

Tower 814

Medic: 825, 815

Battalion Chief

South Carolina Highway Patrol


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