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Elevator Pin for A-Shift

On Thursday, Febuary 26th, around 1 p.m. Midway Fire Rescue units were dispatched for a hand pinned in elevator on the 700 block of Springs Ave. Engine 821 arrived to find an individual inside the residential elevator with his hand pinned between the car and the elevator chute. The crushing of his hand had stalled the elevator in between floors and creating huge force on his wrist. Fortunately, he was not working alone and another person was able to place a hammer in the small gap between the car and floor. They were able to stand on the handle until our arrival preventing the elevator from slipping further and resulting in more injury to the arm. Engine 821 officer assumed command and the crew immediately went to the second floor and placed a haligan tool in the gap both bracing the car and providing enough lift for the individual to remove his hand. The next issue was the fact the elevator car was now wrenched in the chute thus preventing exit through the door. E821 crew immediately secured power, shored beneath the car with rescue-q-jacks and used a saw to remove part of the car roof. A ladder was then placed in the car and the individual was removed. He was assessed by the Medic 825 crew and later refused any transport to the hospital. Crews were on scene for about an hour.

Command: Battalion 81

Operations: Engine 821 Officer

Units: Engine 821 Medic 825 Battalion 81 Chief 1 Pawleys Island Police Department

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