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House Resolution H. 4222 for MFR

South Carolina Representatives Carl Anderson and Stephen Goldfinch introduced a House Resolution, H. 4222, recognizing and honoring Midway Fire Rescue for recieving the the Heart Safe Community Award. The Resolution was formally presented to Battalion Chief Brent McClellan and Fire Chief Doug Eggiman during the afternoon session of the SC House of Representatives.

The pictures are of Rep. Goldfinch addressing the House members explaining the resolution and asking for their recognition and applause for Midway Fire Rescue, Rep. Anderson in the Galley presenting us the Resolution while Rep. Goldfinch was doing his speech, and of Rep. Goldfinch presenting us the Resolution on the steps of the State Capitol Building. South Carolina Senator Ray Cleary was also on hand to congratulate us as well.

This was a great honor for Midway Fire Rescue and is the first of its kind for this department! I cannot express how proud we are, as we listened to Rep. Goldfinch’s kind words, acknowledged the cheering of the members of the House, and received the Resolution. It is once again, a great tribute to the hard work and dedication you all put in every shift, and the great support we receive from County Administration, County Council, the Midway Board, and the citizens we serve.

The Resolution will be proudly displayed in our Headquarters lobby.

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