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Waccamaw Warrior Mud Run Stand-By

Today, a crew was sent to Waccamaw High School to assist with the 2nd Annual Warrior Mud Run. The crew had Engine 841 which carries 2750 gallons of water to wash down participants once they completed the race, to get all the mud off of them. The crew also had Medic 815 and Beach 1 available in case of any injuries during the race. Beach 1 would be utilized for tough to reach places that a normal Medic unit would not be able to access. Midway Fire Rescue also had one participant in the race, Firefighter Justin Lenker. Midway Fire Rescue thanks the Waccamaw Athletics program for letting them assist with the race. The medic crew also completed the race utilizing Beach 1 as they drove the entire 5K track completing “some” obstacles while they were making sure all participants were staying healthy as it was the temperatures climbed throughout the day.


Engine 841

Medic 815

Beach 1

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