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Baskerville Structure Fire with Victim

Today at 2:35 p.m. Midway Fire Rescue was dispatched to the 200 block of Baskerville Drive, St. Elizabeth Place for a structure fire with entrapment. As the units were responding Central updated that callers were reporting smoke pouring out of a residence with someone trapped inside screaming for help.

Engine 811 arrived on location confirming a working fire in a multi-residential apartment complex. The crew immediately went into rescue mode, stretched a hand line, and initiated a search of the apartment The crew quickly located a woman laying on the kitchen floor. The victim was removed and transferred to an awaiting medic unit for transport to the local hospital. The remaining units set to work extinguishing the fire and performing salvage and overhaul. Chief 2 quickly arrived on scene, established command, and initiated the first alarm transfers. Chief 2 then moved to Operations as Chief 1 arrived and assumed command. The fire was extinguished quickly with units remaining on scene for approximately 2 hours due to extensive overhaul and completion of the investigation. In addition to treating and transporting the victim, two landscapers that tried unsuccessfully to rescue the victim prior to our arrival, were evaluated for possible smoke inhalation and declined transport.

Mutual aid station coverage was enlisted from Georgetown City and Murrells Inlet Garden City. Georgetown County Fire EMS provided a mutual aid ambulance to the scene.

Command: Chief 1

Operations: Chief 2

Safety: Chief 3

Investigations: Chief 4


Engine 811

Engine 821

Ladder 831

Engine 841

Medic 815

Medic 825

Battalion 83

Chief 1

Chief 2

Chief 3

Chief 4

Photo Courtesy of South Strand News

Engine 811 & Ladder 831 Crew

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