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Prom Promise Crashes Into Waccamaw HS

On Monday, Midway Fire Rescue with the help from Waccamaw High School and various other agencies presented the 2016 Prom Promise Event to the students. This event demonstrates the tragedy that can be seen after a post prom drunk driving vehicle accident. Master Firefighter Joe Palombi set up the Prom Promise Event and received help from Georgetown County Sherriff Department as the arresting officers, Air Reach Aeromedical for helicopter critical care emergency transport and Waccamaw High School and drama club.

Together, all agencies presented a thirty-minute demonstration using live actors and actresses of what a scene will look like when students make tragic decisions by drinking and driving. The demonstration included having students being extricated from two vehicles then being taken by ambulance and by helicopter while another student laid deceased on the ground and the driver of the vehicle receiving a sobriety test and subsequential arrest after the accident.

Midway Fire Rescue hopes that the students took away a valuable lesson away from this Prom Promise event and will continue to make great decisions with their life.

Command: Battalion 83


Rescue 816

Medic 845

Georgetown County Sheriff Department

Air Reach Critical Care Transport

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