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Holmatro Tools arrive at MFR

Midway Fire Rescue has placed new Holmatro hydraulic rescue tools in service after a three-day training course conducted by Robert Joyner, a trainer from the dealer Spartan Fire in Spartanburg, SC. The new hydraulic rescue tools assist emergency responders with extrication of victims from vehicles and other objects. The training focused on vehicle extrication with the new tools so crews could practice with the system prior to placing the life-saving tools on Midway Fire Rescue emergency apparatus.

Each front line apparatus Engine 811, Ladder 821 and Ladder 831 will have a power unit, hose and a combination spreader/cutter tool. Rescue 816 will have four pre-connected lines including various size spreaders, cutters and rams.

This is a large investment but will have immediate impacts to assist our community in case of an emergency.

Photo Credit will be given to Georgetown County PIO

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