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Team Hunter Visits MFR

Today, Midway Fire Rescue had a special guest for dinner and a little special birthday party. Hunter Moseley is a special guy for Midway Fire Rescue and fire department’s all across the East Coast. Little Hunter turned seven years old today and wanted to spend time at the fire house. Hunter was accompanied by his father and big sister for the evening. Hunter had a great time hanging out with the “guys” just enjoying the brotherhood. Hunter had a great meal with the men of B-Shift and also had a special fire engine cake made for his fire department birthday.

Hunter first visited Midway Fire Rescue two years ago and always held a special place here. He was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at the age of four years old. Hunter’s greatest passion and joy in life is any and everything having to do with Fireman or the Fire Service. We are proud to support Hunter here at Midway Fire Rescue.

Check out Hunter’s adventures on Facebook by searching Team Hunter.

2013 Team Hunter

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